• About Us:

    The Sullivan Architectural Group was established in 1984.  From the start, consistent dedication to responsive client service and design excellence has enabled the firm to complete more than three hundred building projects throughout Connecticut and the Northeast.

    The firm strives to maintain a strong standing in each of the three areas vital to successful architecture and interior design:  design of the highest quality, thorough technical understanding and ability, and sound financial and management practices.  The Sullivan Architectural Group is structured to offer each of its clients all the advantages of a personalized practice, while providing the full range of resources needed to successfully accomplish diverse and complex building types.

    Perhaps the key element contributing to the success of each project is the fact that a principal partner is involved in every aspect of the project, from beginning to end.  The principal is the team leader, addressing all client requests and concerns, directing and participating in the design and documentation process, coordinating the work of all consultants, and interfacing between client and contractor.  Only through this method of project management can continuity of information be maintained, decisions be made rapidly and action be directed effectively.

    Each project undertaken is thoroughly analyzed to determine its unique requirements.  Program elements, priorities, aesthetic concerns, schedules and budgets are all discussed at the beginning to accurately define the firm’s scope of work.  The client is given a clear understanding of the project, each team member’s responsibilities, what is expected and what will be delivered.

    The planning and design approach at The Sullivan Architectural Group is based upon acquiring an in-depth knowledge of a client’s organizational structure, core business processes, long-term objectives and corporate personality.  The goal is to provide a systemized solution that establishes a harmonic balance of functional, financial and aesthetic considerations and which is designed to support the framework formed by the client’s unique characteristics.  In every project, the design team seeks to achieve this goal through application of the highest level and quality of management, technical research and artistic ability.